Architectural bureau and construction company

Logo and brand identity for an architectural firm.

πŸ† The work is featured in the international compilation of the best logos, LogoLounge Book.

In the development of the corporate branding, important factors provided by the client in the technical brief were taken into account: a clear association with architecture, construction, management, coordination, and real estate.

We identified three key characteristics that guided us in the creation of the logo.

The primary characteristic is volume. The trademark exists within space, becoming a part of it, fitting into specific geometric shapes. Additionally, it consists of individual components (parts), each of which is also constructed based on a particular geometric form.

The second characteristic is symmetry.

The third characteristic is visual harmony. The trademark should satisfy not only specific technical requirements but also be visually harmonious, attracting attention, and evoking a sense of aesthetic pleasure.

Art Director / Designer Evgeny Golovach.